It is desired to have images and touches recorded based on question 3


We should be provided with a map of the image and the associated label. Can we implement touch tracking and logging?

From Patrick:

We give participants the following instructions:

On the diagram, *CLICK* on the areas where you feel pain and it will appear green.  *DOUBLE CLICK *‌on the area that hurts the most and it will appear red.


Note, when participants see it on the screen, they only see the blank diagram (not the boxed diagram). The boxes then become highlighted in either green or red based on their clicks, as indicated in the instructions.  The qualtrics screen shot included a bunch of different colors, which is just an artifact of setting up unique boxes in the qualtrics system.  Please ignore that aspect.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

The anatomical locations below correspond to each box in descending order on the BPI Body Map, from head to toe.


FRONT (each variable below has an F in front to designate it is front instead of back)

-        F.head

-        F.neck

-        F.R.shoulder

-        F.L.shoulder

-        F.chest

-        F.R.up.arm

-        F.L.up.arm

-        F.stomach

-        F.R.low.arm

-        F.L.low.arm

-        F.pelvic

-        F.R.wrist

-        F.L.wrist

-        F.R.hand

-        F.L.hand

-        F.R.up.leg

-        F.L.up.leg

-        F.R.knee

-        F.L.knee

-        F.R.low.leg

-        F.ankles



-        B.head

-        B.neck

-        B.L.shoulder

-        B.R.shoulder

-        B.up.back

-        B.L.up.arm

-        B.R.up.arm

-        B.mid.back

-        B.low.back

-        B.L.elbow

-        B.R.elbow

-        B.L.low.arm

-        B.R.low.arm

-        B.buttocks

-        B.L.hand

-        B.R.hand

-        B.L.up.leg

-        B.R.up.leg

-        B.L.knee

-        B.R.knee

-        B.L.low.leg

-        B.R.low.leg

-        B.ankles



Monowar Hossain


Timothy Hnat