Application Install not functioning


Phone #87 was set up with mCerebrum version 2.0 for testing. After I clicked "Leave Study" to return phone to "Default User," (to get ready for use for real study participants) the page shows 4 applications that need to be installed. When I click "Install All," the phone begins to download the "StudyDataCollection" App, but then gets stuck in a loop of saying this app is installed and then starting the download process over again. Nothing will install. After exiting the mCerebrum app and re-entering, the app shows the same 4 applications that need to be installed, but also 3 applications that need to be updated. When I click "Check Updates" and "Yes" under "Do You Want to Update," the mCerebrum app returns to the home page and will not perform any updates. If I click on individual apps to update them individually, the begin to download and then say "App not installed." I was able to individually install AutoSense Chest Sensor BLE, Beacon, and Alertness Sensing Framework, but cannot install StudyDataCollection and cannot update WristSensor, Storage, or mCerebrum. However, on the home page it says "Installation Successful" and has a green check mark. I don't know if this phone will work properly.




Shahin Samiei


University Utah