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Need pain timing ground truth for opioid study


After analyzing some of the study data, we determined a need for temporal ground truth of participants' reported pain. We would like to update the opioid study EMA at the following times:

• Self-report: After asking location(s) of pain flare
• Random EMA: After asking location(s) of pain flare
• Morning diary: After asking "Rate your current level of pain."
• Evening diary: After asking "Rate your current level of pain."

We would like to add the following questions:

1) “How would you describe your current pain experience?”
a. Pain flare with a clear starting point that I remember
b. Ongoing pain without a clear starting point
IF (a)
2) Please indicate the time when your current pain flare began
If (b)
3) Please indicate how long your pain has been at its current level

To represent time, we could use the following:
For (a), it may be best to have both a date and time option, in case the pain flare started on a prior day.

For (b), we’d likely need both an hours and minutes field in case it started several hours prior.

Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about this. Happy to help test once this is complete.

Many thanks,



Monowar Hossain


Shahin Samiei


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