Data Upload Issue



We have received our first mCerebrum 2.0 phone back from our participant. We were able to upload the GPS data successfully (yay!).

However, when we plugged in the phone to back up onto a computer, there were no files in the "log" folder as described in the data syncing instructions.

The other issue we ran into was an error message when trying to copy over the files in the "org.md2k.datakit" folder. Please see attached images.

What can we do about this?

Thank you in advance!



Timothy Hnat
May 17, 2019, 3:19 PM

Both devices were examined and backed up by the Memphis team and returned.

Shahin Samiei
May 6, 2019, 10:19 PM

Hi team,

We had a chance to review the phones. Our question via email regarding the ses_1 phone that had phone-to-computer data syncing issues helped us to better understand that issue: It looks like the patchy service issue may have contributed to the generation of excess temporary files for data upload. While this does not appear to have caused an issue for the data to actually upload, the generation of these temporary files may have caused an issue for your computer workstation to successfully copy the files over. This issue of temporary files being generated, but not being pruned by the system is a minor bug that we have identified and will fix. However, this should not stop the data collection – we were able to view and copy over the database without a problem. We are speculating that the difference may be between our computers and the respective processing power, memory, and OS.


For ses_2, it looks like an application was loaded on the phone from the default configuration application setup. In other words, the user installed all the applications from the mC home screen BEFORE logging into the system for the first time and downloading the requisite config file for the AAS or SES study. This loads an app onto the phone that causes remarkable drain on the phone’s resources. Moving forward, all phones must be logged into their respective config file before downloading the application suite (i.e., Datakit, MotionSense, etc.). If you have phones where this did not occur, do not worry: Simply leave AirWatch, go to Apps, and Uninstall the AlertnessSensingFramework app. This should prevent problems like those experienced with ses_2.


Hope these explanations help! Per my recent email, we’ll be taking a closer look at ways that we can optimize these phones' settings to ensure as clean a functionality with mC version 2 as possible.


Many thanks,




Timothy Hnat


University Utah