Difficulties Starting the Day


Participant aa_172 had issues starting the day on 4/22/19 and said that instead of start day it said that the day will resume on the next day at the scheduled start time, thus no data was collected on that day. They also said that they had issues starting the day afterwards despite pressing okay on the pop-up window that appears, which appeared continuously despite pressing okay, They were able to get around the issue by pressing the Reset App button at the top of the screen when the pop-up window disappears, which allowed the app to reset and start the day.

This issue may be related to issue MC-1153.

*Update 6/19/19:
Participants have been reporting the same issue of being unable to start the day along with issues of the alarm reminding participants to start the day repeating incessantly. All participants reported that the issue started on Saturday, 6/15/19, and that even new participants with only a couple days worth of data have been affected. All attempts by the participants to troubleshoot and fix the issues by referring to the troubleshooting guide on the equipment manual provided to them on their first visit provided no solution, prompting them to call us. Perhaps this issue is related to an update that was mentioned in the monthly meeting which was supposed to fix the earlier issue of difficulties with the day being started. So far, the only way to get the day started is by accessing the settings menu for setting up the applications and pressing on the green button at the bottom of the screen to start the day. Although this starts the day, participants have also reported that the alarm will still go off as though the day has not been started yet even though a time stamp is now available where the Day Start button is on the main screen.*




Timothy Hnat
June 26, 2019, 7:15 PM

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