Test mCerebrum for Rice Study


Configuration file Name: R783207.zip
1) EMA Questions: EMA questions are changed based on the following documents. Check whether the questions delivered properly.

2) EMA Scheduler: Rules are updated. One ema for each type (Random, Stress, Smoking) is triggered in every 4 hours. EMA will be triggered if battery level>10% and not driving

3) Performance of puff marker (will be analyzed from CC)


Timothy Hnat
March 6, 2019, 4:32 PM

Thank you for the feedback. I am going to release this to the SES/AA teams for testing.

Shahin Samiei
March 5, 2019, 12:17 AM


I completed testing today. After downloading a new config file and deleting the database, I set up the sensors and began the study. I used a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the AirWatch Launcher enabled.

Setup: I noticed the Study UI section has a description regarding the Moffitt study. We may want to edit this app description to be more generic for all studies, perhaps something like "Setup user information".

I also noticed the count of apps set up/not set up does not change when you successfully configure apps. These counts and status will change when leaving the App Setup page and coming back, but they do not change dynamically as each app is set up. This is general feedback and could be addressed in future work. (I do not see this as a roadblock to proceeding with the mC release for this study.)

11:26 - Started day and began wearing wrist sensors
11:29 - Began wearing chest belt (RIP)
11:35 - Began wearing ECG
11:44 - Received EMA prompt, delayed 10 minutes
11:55 - EMA prompt received, began & completed EMA
12:01 - Finished survey and received $1.25 incentive (EMA content appears to match what is in the Google Doc)
13:09 - Simulated smoking
13:15 - Ended simulation
13:53 - Simulated smoking
14:00 - Ended simulation
15:21 - Received & completed EMA; received $1.25 incentive
16:12 - Simulated smoking
16:21 - Ended simulation
16:51 - Removed sensors
17:01 - Received & completed EMA; received $1.25 incentive
18:05 - Ended day (was away from study phone from roughly 17:30-18:00)

Overall, I received three EMAs over the entire six-hour period, unless I missed one during that final half-hour before ending the day. If we are to receive at least 3 EMAs (random, smoking, stress) over a four-hour block, is this count of received EMA prompts running a little low?

At any rate, I hope this testing has been helpful, and please let me know if additional testing is helpful.


Brian Ahern
February 28, 2019, 8:13 PM


I tested today using Samsung S8, Autosense respiration only, and two MSHRV wrist sensors.

I tested for 4+ hours and received only 1 EMA.

FYI, I did notice poor data quality intermittently on the left wrist sensor throughout the day.

9:31am - started day
9:32am - began wearing all sensors
9:51am - before starting the study, I checked for updates and the system told me all apps are up-to-date. However, now I noticed in the study app the notification saying updates are available (4 apps). I updated apps StudyWithEMA and StreamProcessor. During update of the Scheduler app, I received an error "Download failed"... I tried again 3 times with the same error. I had to leave the study and return to the mCerebrum app to finish updating the Scheduler and EMA apps.
9:56am - after the issue described above, I decided to play it safe and delete the database storage and start testing again from scratch
9:58am - started day again, still wearing all sensors
10:07am - simulated smoking
11:27am - simulated smoking
12:06pm - received survey – using the google doc, I carefully checked each survey question and the various conditions described; everything seems to be working as expected, no errors found in the survey
12:13pm - completed survey, earned $1.25
1:09pm - simulated smoking
1:41pm - noticed red Xs for both respiration and heart rate; using the reset app button solved the issue
2:08pm - ended day

Brian Ahern
February 28, 2019, 3:44 PM

I've begun testing and will report back this afternoon. Thanks for the helpful details.


Monowar Hossain
February 28, 2019, 3:21 PM

Hi , , ,
I released the new configuration file for RICE study where EMA, EMA Scheduler & puff marker is updated. If you have time, please test it.




Brian Ahern


Monowar Hossain