Not uploading to cloud


Michelle Tran

We currently have 4 participants out in the field, but only one of them is having their data being uploaded to the cloud. This data did not start uploading until we switched phones due to the "!!!Permission Denied pop-up"issue. However, the other 3 participants data still are not having their data uploaded to Cerebralcortex until I manually toggle the DataKit and upload it to the cloud with it when they come into the lab. However, I need to be able to access this in real-time so that I can answer their questions as they call and ask about issues with their equipment.

Additionally, I'm going to have to upload and go through all of their data between their last two visits AT the last visit. Thus, while trying to decide how much compensation needs to be adjusted for the participants, they will have to wait in the lab as I go through each EMA and episode from the past week. This could take an extremely long amount of time, and we want to be able to review the data before they come into the lab! Please let me know the ways I can have the data be uploaded in real-time to prevent this from happening. Thank you!





Timothy Hnat


Timothy Hnat