As a study coordinator, I would like to have a TIMESTAMP (From last delivered EMA) be inserted into an EMA question


Investigate adding a new feature outside of the current EMA system. We want to look into adding time stamp in the EMA question to help users better remember certain events, called time line follow up response. For example, in the SES EMA Questionnaire, Smoking items, "since the last assessment at TIME STAMP, have you smoked any cigarettes." Could TIME STAMP be replaced with i.e. 3:36pm. The "last assessment" in this case represents the last time any EMA prompt was completed.

If the participant answers YES; how many cigarettes since 3:36pm did you smoke?

This applies to EMA items- K. Alcohol, L. Discrimination, M. Smoking items, N. Stressor O. Positive Experience P. Anhedonia Q. General Emotional Support



Monowar Hossain


Timothy Hnat