As a study coordinator, I need to plan for the Quit.Help application


'Thanks Tim. I think we r a long way from getting to this as we're having significant problems with basic functionality at this time. So I'm guessing we will not get to this until we have all the other issues on both our plates addressed! I think that is going to be awhile. So this piece is not urgent.

On Apr 8, 2016, at 10:26 AM, Timothy W. Hnat <> wrote:

Dave, Paty and Michael,
There are several things that need to happen to begin this integration:
1) Use case(s) for the Quit.Help application
2) Discussion around notification rules and how the two platforms will function together
3) Technical discussion about how to integrate with our platform (documentation is minimal at this point)
4) Integration and testing of the system




Monowar Hossain


Timothy Hnat